This Week's All-Star Officers:  Clark County K-9 Teams
This week's All-Star Officers are very special team of crime-fighters: Clark County's award-winning K-9 Units, including Deputy Brian Ellithorpe and his four legged partner "Saver", and Deputy Rick Osborne, with his K-9, "Kane"

Commander Chuck Atkins says these four are part of a larger group of K-9 teams with the Clark County Sheriff's Office.

These two really stand out. Photos of them in action show how they help take down marijuana grow operations.

The Washington State Patrol and the Drug Enforcement Agency selected them as the first certified K-9 teams to be be airlifted into marijuana grows by helicopter, to help in arrests and secure the area as ground units move in.

Both Deputy Ellithorpe and Deputy Osborne received the Director's Award For Distinguished Service from the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

So, congratulations to our All-Star Officers of the Week, Clark County Deputy Brian Ellithorpe and K-9 "saver" -- and Deputy Rick Osborne and "Kane".

Keep up the great work!