While families were busy shopping inside a Seattle Goodwill store last week, police were busy arresting Randy Stark for trying to lure a 10-year old boy away from his parents and out of the store.

And it seems he wasn't the only target.

Other parents told officers Stark approached their kids.. offered toys.. and touched them while commenting on how beautiful and soft their skin was.

Apparently Stark, a level three sex offender... had been keeping an eye on **women** too. Court documents reveal investigators found a notebook he kept... logging the activities of various women... highlighting those he described as vulnerable to rape.

The Department of Corrections supervises sex offenders and like so many other state agencies, it had to drastically cut its budget last year. 256 corrections positions are gone, along with funding for supervision of nearly 10-thousand low and moderate risk offenders.

Then, just last month... Senate Bill 6414 kicked in. It's designed to improve how Washington's sex offender registrations are managed. But it also shortened the amount of time some sex offenders are supervised. Meaning those charged with their first "Failure to Register" are now only supervised for a year instead of three or four years.

Randy Stark was one of them. So he went free. The bill's sponsor... State Senator Debbie Regala... says supporters, including prosecutors and law enforcement, felt that "An offender should be given one opportunity to make a mistake in their requirement to register... supervising them for 12 months seemed reasonable."

Corrections officers wouldn't talk about it on camera. But sources inside the department tell us they're frustrated predators like Stark can go off the grid so quickly.. leaving them free to stalk again.