Pittsburgh over Cleveland
Head coach Mike Tomlin was apparently misquoted. He never claimed the Steelers would unleash Hell in December but, rather, that they'd play like Hell. Hey fellow media, get your quotes correct!

Cincinnati over Minnesota
Anyone surprised by Favre's lackluster game last week in Arizona obviously don't own a calendar. The temperatures aren't the only things that take a dive each December.

Green Bay over Chicago
We're used to hearing about the league's top defense in this matchup each year, just not accustomed to speaking of the Packers when doing so.

Jacksonville over Miami Don't laugh. The battle for bragging rights in Florida beats any such battle that would take place in the state of Missouri this season.

Tampa Bay over New York Jets
Last week Rex Ryan thought it was good idea to bring Yankees manager Joe Girardi to teach Mark Sanchez how to slide. This week he should have invited Yankees reserve infielder Ramiro Pena to show Sanchez how to sit.

Baltimore over Detroit
The 2-10 Lions are having a much improved season while the 6-6 Ravens are one of the NFL's biggest disappointments this year. Welcome to the NFL.

Kansas City over Buffalo
At least this gives the "Mineral Water Bowl" a run for the "Most insignificant football game played in the state of Missouri" this December.

New England over Carolina
Randy Moss, Adalius Thomas, Gary Guyton and Derrick Burgess shouldn't feel too bad. I was late for work this week due to bad weather and WASN'T sent home.

Houston over Seattle
Would it be inappropriate for the Texans' Gary Kubiak to Twitter his interest in the Notre Dame head coaching gig?

Indianapolis over Denver
If these teams play late in the season and Peyton Manning plays for more than a quarter, the result seems to always be the same.

New Orleans over Atlanta
The free agent signing of Drew Brees in 2006 is almost enough to make Saints fans forget about the Ricky Williams draft day deal from 1999. Almost.

Tennessee over St. Louis
Any truth to the rumor that Jeff Fisher wore a Matt Schaub jersey before the Colts game last week because he wanted to "feel like a loser again"? Anyone?

Oakland over Washington
Please, nobody refer to this as a SB XVIII rematch. (And not because the Raiders were based in Los Angeles back in 1984)

Dallas over San Diego
Wow, it just occurred to me. What would happen if Brett Favre was scheduled to play against the Cowboys in December? A tie game?

New York Giants over Philadelphia
Temperatures should be above freezing come kickoff Sunday night. This should prevent us from having to adjust the red color balance on our television sets like we did when Tom Coughlin went tomato-faced on us during the 2007 NFC Championship.