The calendar is still March, and the drama is already over.

There will be no early May strolls through the garages, with a peek in and out to see what teams may need a driver. John Andretti's Indianapolis 500 ride is already set, and the Month of May is still a over a month away.

"I don't think it could be a better scenario," said the veteran stock car and open wheel driver in joining his cousin Michael's Andretti Autosport-and its not just for big race at the Speedway either.

The Window World No. 43 car, which is apart of a partnership with Richard Petty Motorsports, will actually make its debut at the Izod IndyCar Series race at the Kansas Speedway on May 1st. There Andretti will get a chance to feel the car out before taking it to Indianapolis for testing on May 15th.

Starting early hasn't been a luxury too often for Andretti, who also runs a heavy schedule in NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series. In 2007 he returned to the Indianapolis 500 for the first time in 13 years, but didn't get a ride until May 16th when he was the third car for Panther Racing. He was able to qualify but crashed early in the race and finished 30th in driving a car sponsored by Camping World.

In 2008, a similar scenario unfolded, as Roth Racing signed Andretti on the second week of racing at the track and put him in a car in place of Jay Howard. Again he was able to qualify but had a better finish than in 2007, bringing the car up from a 21st starting position to finish 16th.

A year later he was signed to drive with Dreyer and Reinbolt Racing as a part of his new partnership with Richard Petty Motorsports in April, but didn't get on the track until the Month of May. Andretti used a last minute dash on qualifying day to put himself into the Indianapolis 500 field for a third consecutive year and finished 19th.

According to Andretti, the biggest advantage of getting a race under his belt before making his way to Indianapolis is learning more on what to do in the pits as much as the strategy on the track.

"If we were going to make any mistakes I'd rather not make them here in Indianapolis during May, I'd rather make them somewhere else," said Andretti of getting a race to prepare. "Hopefully Kansas we can go there and have a good solid race and do all the right things on pit road."

"If we do something wrong, hopefully we learn from it there and don't bring it here."

Having taken part in a number of races himself, Petty believes getting Andretti into a car early could give the driver a chance to collect his best finish at the speedway. Currently that is fifth, which Andretti got with Jim Hall's racing team back in 1991.

"You stick somebody in a car, once a year, its kinda hard to learn the other drivers, learn the cars and stuff like that. So one or two races are just practice, the more he runs the more familiar he becomes with the circumstances."

"I think that's gonna be a big, big plus."

Michael Andretti says that getting John out on the track early was thanks to good timing and figures to help the team along with his cousin.

"We figured it was the perfect opportunity to take the team and get it up to speed then and it worked out that way," said Andretti of the Kansas race.