Stanford teachers dance in drag

From left, Stanford Elementary School physical education teacher Brent Cole, Principal Dan Story and fifth-grade social studies teacher Daniel Gay dance for students Thursday morning in the school gym. (Ben Kleppinger / / March 28, 2013)

STANFORD — Stanford Elementary School Principal Dan Story kicked off his birthday on Thursday by kicking off a pair of sensible flats and dancing in drag in front of hundreds of his students.

After students successfully met a fundraising goal for the school's local Jumping Wildcats team, Story and fellow drag-queens-for-a-morning physical education teacher Brent Cole and fifth-grade social studies teacher Daniel Gay were obligated to strut their stuff in dresses, wigs and matching accessories in the school gym.

Story agreed to dress up as a woman for his students if they raised $1,000 for the Jumping Wildcats, who tour area schools and perform to raise awareness about heart health for the American Heart Association.

Story said the Jumping Wildcats have performed at four schools this year, as well as performing at Stanford Elementary.

Story, who picked out his red dress for the event at Goodwill, said the students easily surpassed their goal, raising a total of $1,385.

"It wasn't very high. It should have been higher," Story said of the goal amount while catching his breath after dancing Rockettes-style with Cole and Gay. "Next year, trust me, it will be higher."

Because it was also Story's birthday, the school joined in singing happy birthday to him, with some singing happy birthday to "Mrs. Story."

"I've just got one thing to say: these straps are killing me," Story said.

After the three danced and clowned around for a few minutes, the students and staff had an impromptu beauty contest, declaring Gay the best-dressed.

Stanford Police Chief Keith Middleton was on his regular school duty outside, but made it in to the gym for the performance.

"I was told specifically I had to come in because there was some beauty queens that I had to see," he told Story. "I think I'm going to be sick. … But, happy birthday!"