Letters to the Editor for July 11

‘Live life abundantly’

If we, as a society, reflect on the delicacy and fragility of life; it should cause us to stop and consider how we are as people, and how others would remember us if we are to experience an untimely demise.

This past week, I lost a close friend unexpectedly. While my friend lived to be an astonishing 96 years, her passing still leaves in it's wake a great sadness in the hearts of many, but her life is a testament to living life abundantly.

A trait that we should, as a society, value and revere. I would like the readers of this letter to pause and think "Am I living my life abundantly, and am I doing service each day to my neighbor as I'm commanded?"

The point being illustrated is this, live life abundantly doing service, and do it with a grateful heart; for our fleeting mortality is ever present and it's best to be tempered for a cheerful heart, rather than a hard one. Respectfully,

Chance Bender




Upset county board won’t pay for advanced EMS service 

I read and heard that Stanford Ems requested more money from the Lincoln County Ambulance Board and they were denied what they asked for. 

They provided a service albeit not the best idea, but this service provided that since the outer lying regions of Lincoln County would not provide ALS care to their residents.

Stanford since they always had 2 Paramedics working would respond a Paramedic in a Severe Situation that needed a Paramedic at the scene, such as a Heart Attack, Stroke, any Person that needed ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT.

That the normal BLS  (Basic Life Support) crew which is in the outer lying areas of Crab Orchard, Waynesburg, West Lincoln.  Which actually make up most of the County.

I read that Mckinney Service went completely out of Business and shut its doors so there is nobody in that area, the other services have to respond from their locations just to get service there. Now again Why are Lincoln residents getting this treatment isn’t their lives just as important as the people that live in Stanford.

I don’t live in Stanford why is my family getting subpar EMS. In a lot of cases BLS means you have 2 EMTS on an Ambulance that respond to you, but in Lincoln County you don’t even get that! Waynesburg and Crab Orchard most of the time have just an EMT and a Driver.

Now in the Illustrious thinking of the Lincoln County Ambulance Board Led by Jerry Shelton who I believe is from Crab Orchard Area. They thought the money asked for by Stanford was too much since they were losing money almost and since Stanford is a Business losing money doesn’t allow you to keep your doors open to long, so The Paramedic Chase Vehicle MEDIC 1 agreement is no longer in affect.

Now it’s up to your local Waynesburg, Crab Orchard and West Lincoln EMS EMT to deem whether you get a Paramedic to aid you in your crisis. I have heard that West Lincoln has stated they will not call for a Paramedic they have a Part time one sometimes.

I still cannot understand why we do not have 1 County WIDE EMS that provides equal care throughout the COUNTY. I love this County and it’s not fair that someone has to lose their father mother or child because the outer lying areas which is way the majority of size and population in Lincoln County cannot provide adequate care due to not having enough money or they just flat refuse to offer that service.

As in any situation something bad has to happen in order for change to take place this is the reasoning of most of our political minds.  9-11 terrorist attacks brought about great change but thru GREATER Tragedy.  We found out our Country Leaders knew about the terrorists before hand but nothing was done to prevent the Catastrophe.