Details emerge in Crab Orchard family's court cases

STANFORD — As police continue to investigate the alleged crimes of a father and son from the Crab Orchard area, documents in the court cases against them are providing more details about what happened along Simpson Road in early May.

Members of the Brummett family living in the area first made headlines May 9, when Danny Brummett of 919 Simpson Road allegedly shot his granddaughter, Monique Brummett, in the leg.

Danny Brummett also allegedly shot toward his wife, Kay Brummett, before traveling down the road and shooting himself in the head at the home of his son, David Brummett of 1414 Simpson Road.

Danny was not supposed to be at the home where his wife and granddaughter live because of an emergency protective order brought against him by Monique after a Feb. 26 domestic incident.


Details on EPO

According to court documents in that case, Monique filed a criminal complaint that Danny struck her twice in the face, causing "swelling and bruising on the right side of her face."

The assault occurred while Monique was attempting to protect her "Mommaw," Kay, from Danny, the arrest warrant for Danny alleges.

"(Danny) acted as if he was going towards (Monique's) Mommaw to hurt her," the arrest warrant reads. "(Monique) stepped in and (Danny) started fussing … saying very hurtful things to her."

After that, Monique tried to call David Brummett, who is her father and the son of Danny, but Danny unplugged the phone, according to the arrest warrant.

"(Monique) threw the phone and (Danny) hit (Monique) on the right side of the face, knocking her glasses off, bending them and knocking the lens out," the warrant reads. "(Monique) pushed him away and (Danny) hit her again on the right side of the face."

Monique and Danny were due to appear in court concerning the alleged assault on the day of the shooting, May 9.


Details on stolen property

During the shooting investigation, state police found stolen property worth tens of thousands of dollars, including more than 130 guns, on David Brummett's property and arrested him for receiving stolen property.

David bonded out of jail but was arrested again less than a week later on more charges of receiving stolen property.

Court documents show David currently faces the following charges from the two arrests:

• 99 counts of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm;

• 39 counts of being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun;

• receiving stolen property worth $10,000 or more; and