The real enemy on your journey to weight loss? Your inner fat person

In my experience as a professional fitness expert, I’ve found that my most successful clients have one thing in common: They were willing to get out of their comfort zone, and change their lifestyle to get the best results possible. 


Fitness isn’t something that you tie on, it is a way of life that extends beyond the gym. Working to change your body while trying to maintain the comforts of your current lifestyle is a lot like trying to force oil and water to mix. It just won’t work no matter how hard you try. Doing what is necessary to facilitate physical change is simple but not easy. 


You’re going to have to make some sacrifices that in the beginning are going to be uncomfortable, and really be a test of your current level of discipline. I recently ran a four-week “Summer Slimdown Challenge” weight loss competition, and many of the contestants said as the weeks went by, and they began to see and feel the benefits of supportive nutrition, they actually lost the desire to eat the crappy foods they were used to eating. In fact, after the challenge ended, they said they always thought eating “clean” was harder than it really was.


To achieve your fitness goals, it’s going to be uncomfortable as you fight with your inner fat person for who controls your future. The inner fat person (IFP) is your No. 1 enemy in the path to fitness. The IFP wants to keep you comfortable because it’s easier to be fat than it is to get fit. 


The current western lifestyle of convenience totally supports the IFP. The fitness lifestyle is a counter culture to the lifestyle we’ve created here in the U.S. The fitness lifestyle requires belief, while IFP says it’s not possible. The fitness lifestyle says work hard, while IFP says you can’t do it. The fitness lifestyle asks you to discipline your eating, while IFP says you don’t like healthful food. 


The inner fat person can be very powerful if you buy what it is saying. It all comes down to what do you really want. Do you want to live life in a healthier, more fit body? Or do you want to life a lazy life of comfort? You can’t have both. 


Your body always seeks “homeostasis” or physiological balance, so it will adjust either way. The problem is that some of the adjustments to the western lifestyle that the IFP loves aren’t very nice, such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.


You have to choose which direction you’re going to go, and firmly commit to your decision. Don’t be wishy-washy. Either choose to be fit and plant your foot in the inner fat person’s backside, or choose to stay friends with the inner fat person and continue your love affair with the culture that has severely crippled the health and wellbeing of our country. But you have to choose. 


Stop making excuses and make your decision already. Your inner fat person can be a formidable enemy, but with the right support system in place you can absolutely get it out of your life for good.


Chad Smith is a Hagerstown personal trainer and co-owner of Home Team Fitness LLC. Go to for more information.

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