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American Society of Plastic Surgeons

'Mommy makeover' trend in plastic surgery comes to Baltimore

'Mommy makeover' trend in plastic surgery comes to Baltimore

With each cute baby Crystal Neilson delivered, she found her body more unattractive. Her breasts sagged a little more. The skin on her stomach stretched out like a deflated balloon. “There was stuff falling out all over the place,” said the 34-year-old real estate broker. After four kids, Neilson had enough of camouflaging her flab and flaws with circulation-binding Spanx. In March, Neilson decided to say goodbye to her post-baby body. She had her breasts lifted and increased two cup sizes, her stomach smoothed and flattened with a tummy tuck and her love handles shaped and slimmed with liposuction. She joined the ranks of women who turn to plastic surgery to try to reclaim...