Tom Foley

Tom Foley charges that Gov. Dannel Malloy is ethically tainted have gotten a lot of blowback.(Michael McAndrews / Hartford Courant) (Michael McAndrews / Hartford Courant / September 10, 2013)

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    (Note: This is an unscientific poll.)

    Were Tom Foley's unsubstantiated charges about Gov. Dannel P. Malloy a bungle or a shrewd move?

    • Bungle. An unsupported charge of ethical violations is itself an unethical violation.
    • Shrewd. It tags Malloy as unethical in the minds of voters who don't pay much attention.
    • Bungle. It makes Foley look petty and unreliable.
    • Shrewd. It gets Foley a ton of publicity, even if much of it is negative.
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Republican Tom Foley, the party’s unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate in 2010 who is exploring a run in 2014, appeared on a talk show Sunday and began his thus-far-unofficial campaign by insinuating that the administration of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is rife with unethical behavior. In perhaps the most explosive charge, he alleged that Daniel C. Esty, state energy and environmental protection commissioner, gave Mr. Malloy a no-show consulting job during the 2010 campaign and got the commissionership in return. But Mr. Foley has offered no evidence to support his allegations, which have been widely denied. Yet Mr. Foley sticks to his guns, whether or not they are loaded. Was this a shot in the foot or a shot in the arm for his prospective campaign? What’s your view?


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