Air Travel:

Bradley International Airport
The official site of Bradley International, the airport in Windsor Locks serving the Hartford and Springfield, Mass., areas,  has information about the airlines that fly from it, as well as flight schedules, parking, ground transportation and the like.

The World Airport Directory
Looking for an airport Web site? This international directory has an extensive set of links.

Airlines of the Web
Can't find an airline's Web site? This extensive, searchable directory will help.

About: Air Travel
There's a lot to learn about the art of being an air passenger here. The best feature is a link to airlines' seat maps for various aircraft.

The Trip Flight Tracker
This is a top-notch tool to track the departure and arrival of flights between major U.S. cities in real time.


Travelocity is one of the leading airfare sites on the Web. Its "Dream Maps" feature is particularly fun.

Orbits, founded by several leading airlines, is a robust fare search engine.

Expedia is another major airfare site. The "Fare Compare" feature is quitehandy.