A listing of recommended books, films, websites and places to visit in Connecticut to learn more about the state's historical involvement with slavery.

• • •


"Native People of Southern New England, 1500-1650," by Kathleen Joan Bragdon, University of Oklahoma Press, 1996.


"The Name of War," by Jill Lepore, Random House, 1999.


"Indian Slavery in Colonial Times within the Present Limits of the United States," by Almon W. Lauber, University Press of the Pacific, 2002. Columbia University Press, 1913.


"Five Black Lives: The Autobiographies of Venture Smith, James Mars [and others]," Introduction by Arna Bontemps, Wesleyan University Press, 1971.


"From African to Yankee: Narratives of Slavery and Freedom in Antebellum New England," edited by Robert J. Cottrol, M.E. Sharpe, 1998


"Before The Mayflower: A History of Black America, Sixth Revised Edition," by Lerone Bennett Jr., Penguin Books, 1988.


"Disowning Slavery, Gradual Emancipation and 'Race' in New England, 1780-1860," by Joanne Pope Melish, Cornell University Press, 1998.


"The Debt" by Randall Robinson, Plume, 2001. "The Negro in Colonial New England," by Lorenzo J. Greene, Atheneum, 1968.


"Black Yankees: The Development of an Afro-American Subculture in 18th Century New England," by William D. Piersen, University of Massachusetts Press, 2002. "Black Roots in Southeastern Connecticut, 1650-1900," by Barbara Brown and James M. Rose, Gale Research Co., 1980.