Members Of Congress Receive Classified Briefing On Syria

Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota speaks to members of the media after a members-only closed briefing on Syria for the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives on Friday. (Getty Images / September 6, 2013)

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    Should progressive Democrats in Congress vote to give President Obama the authority to strike Syria to punish it for using chemical weapons?

    • Yes. True progressives hold human rights sacred. There may be no greater threat to human rights in the world today than Syria's dictator.
    • No. Progressives don't believe in launching wars and multiplying misery in the name of human rights.
    • Yes. If the president loses, he'll be so badly weakened that his influence on all issues, including many near and dear to progressives, will be irrevocably damaged.
    • No. The president should focus his attention and U.S. resources on needs at home, not on foreign adventures. A vote against him will send him that message.
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President Obama is facing significant resistance from his own party to his request for congressional approval to strike Syria. Sen. Chris Murphy voted against authorizing U.S. missile strikes in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. But others, such as Sen. Richard Blumenthal, are backing the president. Should progressives feel any obligation to line up behind the president? If he loses, will his political power on other issues important to progressives be compromised? Or would progressives be doing him a favor by shifting his attention back toward problems at home that deserve more of his attention? Talk about it!


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