Jim Shea: Unfriendliest City Poll Gets It Wrong In Connecticut

Conde Nast Traveler has just come out with its annual Readers Choice Survey, which features a Top 10 list of the country's friendliest, and unfriendliest cities.

New Haven was designated as the third most unfriendly city in the United States, a distinction we'll get back to shortly.

Charleston, S.C. was deemed the nation's friendliest city, its residents being described as "insanely nice," which I guess is a compliment.

Newark, N.J. took top honors for being the unfriendliest city. It was called home to rude people and a destination to be visited only to take advantage of its airport's cheaper airfares. I'm sure there are other reasons to go to Newark, and if you can think of any you might drop the Newark Chamber of Commerce a line.

Getting back to New Haven, I think we can all agree there are unfriendlier cities in Connecticut than New Haven.

Greenwich is certainly more unfriendly, and if you don't think so, just try and go to the beach there.

Oxford, I'm sure, has to be more unfriendly, although I'm not sure why.

West Hartford would like to be unfriendly, but they're just not there yet.

Anyway, respondents to the Conde Nast survey said New Haven residents were "rude, unfriendly folks," and pretty much blamed the Yale community for the perception.

Yale-ists, of course, are not unfriendly. They just think they are better than everyone else, which I suppose could be misinterpreted by an outsider.

UConn Bans Prof-Student Love

The University of Connecticut Board of Trustees unanimously approved a new policy last week called "Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Inappropriate Romantic Relationships." Essentially what this does is prohibit faculty members from getting it on with undergraduates. It remains to be seen how new policy this will affect the curve.

Speaking of UConn …

The trustees also approved the expenditure of $1 million to study the feasibility of moving the school's West Hartford branch to the former Hartford Times building on Front Street. Earlier this month Hartford city officials had sought to discourage UConn from selecting this location saying it would break "the connection" between the Connecticut Convention Center and downtown venues. As much as the Weak love weak, this argument was even too weak for the Weak.

In Other UConn News …

The board of trustees decided not to tap the Hartford area Metropolitan District Commission for water for the Storrs campus. Instead, the university decided to suck a reservoir dry in Tolland … although they didn't use those exact words.

Thoughts on a Full Time Legislature

A piece in the Courant's Opinion section last week argued that Connecticut should have a full-time state legislature staffed by full-time legislators, who would be paid a full-time salary. While the piece's author, Matt Zagaja, makes a strong case, the Weak does see one major flaw. Making the legislature full time would mean it would not be in recess for more than half the year.

Weak bits

Apparently, the state's investigation into the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings will not be released until the fall. This should give the state police more time to travel around the country revealing additional details at law enforcement conferences.

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