2014 Will Be Interesting Year in Baseball, Politics

See Malloy as Yankees, Foley as Red Sox

I understand I'm a little late with this but I've been away.

I think 2014 is going to be a fun year.

I don't mean this in every way.

The Yankees have gotten considerably stronger this off season, while the Red Sox have pretty much stayed the same, which means they got weaker. So the baseball season may not be as pleasant, at least for people like me.

The other major sport we will all be following this summer and fall, politics, should prove to be entertaining for everyone.

Before getting into the race for governor, let me just mention something that I'm sure will pick up your spirits on a cold morning. Donald Trump is thinking about running for president in 2016, if he doesn't run for governor of New York in 2014, which he has also threatened to do.

What is prompting Trump to get into the presidential race, aside from the usual desperate cry for attention, is the belief that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's presidential aspirations will remain stuck in those massive traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge.

So into the void steps Trump with the hair, the chutzpah, the belief that President Obama was born in Kenya. Did I mention the hair? Anyway, something to look forward to.

But back to the governor's race.

Right now everyone on the Republican side is in the jockeying-for-money stage. The consensus frontrunners Tom Foley, John McKinney and Mark Boughton are in the process of trying to raise $250,000 in small donations in order to qualify for public financing.

Of course, anyone who thinks Foley, who dropped $10 million of his own dough in his unsuccessful 2010 run, is going to limit himself to $6 million in the general election if he gets the nomination needs to reevaluate their medicinal marijuana prescription.

Meanwhile, Gov. Dannel Malloy is positioning himself to make a strong bid for reelection. He's got a war chest, an organization, labor, the big cities, the minimum wage issue, and a $500 million state surplus going for him.

If I'm making book, I say that going into the season, Malloy is the Yankees, and if Foley is their candidate, the Republicans are the Red Sox.

Cold (or Hot), Enough for You?

Admittedly, it's hard to get worked up about global warming when its cold enough outside to freeze nose hairs, and porn sites feel it necessary to report that the Polar Vortex is not causing widespread shrinkage.

But according to a report out last week, 2013 was tied for the fourth warmest year on record globally. The hottest year on record was 2010, and nine of the 10 warmest years on record have happened in the 21st century.

OK, I'm worked up.

Let Them Eat Cake?

Oxfam, a relief organization, released a study this past week that found the world's 85 richest people own the same amount as the bottom half of the entire global population (about 3.5 billion people). Within the United States, just 400 families have wealth and assets approximately equivalent to 50 percent of the citizens in the United States.

Speaking of cake (and eating it, too)

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