In Bristol, there were hazardous conditions all along Route 6, with power lines down and several traffic lights out. But there was still no lack of motorists as the storm intensified.


 At Bradley, 23 domestic and international flights had been diverted by 6:30 p.m. Saturday — just short of the airport’s all-time record of 27 diverted flights, Malloy said. An airport monitor said that flights coming from Zurich, Paris and Madrid had all been diverted to Bradley when they could not immediately land at John F. Kennedy International Airportin New York City.


 Multiple passengers spent the night in the airport and were provided with cots, water and meals, airport spokesman John Wallace said.


 Bradley communications director John Wallace said Sunday that the delays occurred when the airport, which remained open through the storm, was overwhelmed by a combination of the diverted flights, normally scheduled traffic and power-related problems at the federal customs installation, where international travelers are screened.


 “Our plate got too full is what happened,” Wallace said. “We didn’t have the personnel response to handle those diversions.”


 Wallace said the stranded travelers, who numbered between 1,000 and 1,500 people, were generally understanding and good-natured.


 The airport set up about 900 cots and provided bottled water and a simple breakfast Sunday for stranded travelers.


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