• A requirement that gas stations and senior housing developments have emergency generators.


• A measure requiring that telecommunications towers have backup generators available.


 Cafero suggested some additional ideas:


• Requiring utilities to train and maintain emergency “standby crews’’ made up of first-responder personnel, retired utility workers as well as local responders. The number of responders would be registered with the state Public Utilities Regulatory Authority.


• Mutual aid agreements that specify strict timelines with utilities in other states. The agreement would specify how soon other states must respond to emergencies here and what level of staffing would be provided.


 Courant staff writers Jesse Leavenworth, Amanda Falcone, Hilda Muñoz and Julie Stagis contributed to this story.


Carbon-Monoxide Death Toll Rising


Courant Staff Report


 A 35-year-old East Hart-ford woman who was cooking with charcoal inside her apartment and a Bloomfield woman who ran a generator in her basement apparently died of carbon-monoxide poisoning on Wednesday, officials said.


 Two other people have died of carbon-monoxide poisoning since the October snowstorm cut power to hundreds of thousands of residents. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said 187 people have been treated for carbon-monoxide poisoning.