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Ed Page: City officials finally won their battle to clear the green of Occupy New Haven. The occupiers say the 99% has just begun to fight: Brave last words or should the 1% keep its eyes open?

Sean Cooper: I thought that movement was literally 'de-loused'?

Jean Lenotti-Albanese: Obviously, Sean, you didn't know any of the occupiers or the causes they stand for. To spew negativity is really uncalled for. Maybe you can talk to some of the people associated with ONH ... you will be pleasantly surprised how versatile, bright, well-mannered and good-hearted they are.

Robert Strasdauskas: The 1 percenters are the people that feel they are above the law and can squat on public land that was set aside for the enjoyment of all. If this had been those vile tea partiers living in filth and squalor and disrupting the lives of those trying to live and work around their encampments, I wonder how sympathetic the editorial board of The Courant would have been? They will be back, because they will be used along with the new black panthers, La Raza (the race), the reincarnated ACORN, the Earth Firsters, and the other hodgepodge "progressive" groups to bring chaos as we get nearer to the coming election.

Sean Cooper: Jean I saw the men in bio-hazard suits cleaning up the feces, the garbage, the syringes and the flea-infested mattresses from Zucotti Park.

Robert Strasdauskas: Jean, if they are so "well-mannered" they wouldn't be camping out for six months on a greenspace established for the enjoyment of the whole community. There is nothing wrong with using the space for a couple of hours to give voice to a position, but to "occupy" the green they way they did, doing considerable damage, and turning it into a garbage dump is not what most people would consider being "well-mannered."

Ellen Raff: I think Occupy is a good response to the Tea Party, plus it shines the light on important facts about economic imbalances and corruption, while Tea Party is mostly about obscuring the facts (Keep government away from my Medicare! and so on). I'm glad Occupy is back for spring and IMO they will at least cancel out the Tea Party impact on the election.

Ralph Capenera: It would be nice if they attempted to occupy a job and contribute to society.

Ellen Raff: Ralph that is the kind of remark that is oh so pithy and oh so meaningless. Perhaps they are unemployed as a result of outsourcing/layoffs/bad economy exacerbated by the 1% imbalance. They agree with you, no doubt. A job would be nice.

Courtney Miller-Rao: I have a job, Ralph. Whatever do you mean?

Robert Strasdauskas: Good comparison there, Ellen. A group of truly well-mannered people, that get the required permits for an event, keeping thier activities civil, cooperate with the police, and leave the area cleaner than when they arrived, compared with an unruly mob that intimidates the surrounding bussinesses, ignores permits and ordinances, openly uses drugs, and stays unwelcome for months on end. Yes THAT will surely make them cancel each other out.

Courtney Miller-Rao: Generally, I'm finding the negative comments to come from certain parts of the state (i.e., Naugy Valley, Waterbury, which are more conservative) and from Caucasian males. People hate that which they believe won't benefit them.

Ralph Capenera: Ellen, perhaps they are unemployed for the reasons you state. However, they sure as hell are not going to find employment camped out in a park!

Ellen Raff: ‎Robert, the Tea Party miraculously seems to have all roads paved for their activities, and all cameras illuminating their smallest squeaks, while Occupy took about a month before mainstream news reported their activities at all. Power and money like the Tea Party, power and money do not like Occupy. So their activities seem downright rude. And yet IMO it is really rude to cause foreclosure crises and outsource jobs.

Sean Cooper: If you want someone to blame for outsourcing and joblessness then look no further than the White House and our other politicians who have caused the U.S. to lose its competitive edge over the years. We are the most expensive country in the world to do business in. The Occupy solution seems to be the same ole rhetoric of raising taxes and spreading wealth around. It ain't working.

Ellen Raff: ‎@ Sean LOL spreading wealth around ain't working! What an understatement — since wealth is completely concentrated right now, everything ought to be wonderful, I guess. I would say concentrated wealth ain't working.

Christian Stephen Meagher: I agree with the writers of this editorial. It is nearly impossible to evaluate the effect of Occupy New Haven. Mainly because most of the state didn't know it existed. Taking credit for MoveOn and the Green Party's initiatives (also which most of the state/country don't know about) is silly — does anyone really believe those groups wouldn't have made similar announcements without Occupy?

Chris Ward: While I was certainly sympathetic to their cause, any group that does not have clear, well-defined goals is going to fail. Nothing was accomplished by their actions. They should register to vote, get involved in city or state government and then work for change within the system.

Jean Lenotti-Albanese: Just by our talking about ONH, they have accomplished something ... dialogue.