HealthSpring and Cigna Corp. will use both company names in a new branding campaign to market Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription-drug plans.

Cigna Corp. bought HealthSpring of Nashville, Tenn., for $3.8 billion in early 2012 for a larger share of the Medicare market.

The company announced Wednesday it is launching two 60-second television advertisements to market its Medicare plans to people 65 and older in markets where HealthSpring currently offers plans.

Baby Boomers are aging into the Medicare market, as more people reach the eligibility age of 65. In addition to government-funded Medicare coverage, some people choose to buy Medicare Advantage plans for added perks, or Medicare Part D plans, which provide prescription drug coverage only. Health insurers are angling for a share of the growing market.

The television campaign is within the company's existing marketing budget, said HealthSpring spokeswoman Graham Harrison. Cigna and HealthSpring researched each company's brand to determine how to best market Medicare products in the future. The campaign is meant to build on Cigna's strength as a known health service company and HealthSpring's expertise in Medicare.

"The brand change is a tangible and visible sign of Cigna-HealthSpring's evolution and we're excited to share the new face of the company with our constituents over the coming months," Cigna-HealthSpring president Herb Fritch. "Other than the new look, there will be no changes in service as a result of the new brand name and logo."

New marketing also includes the Cigna "Tree of Life" logo. The tree logo resembles a person standing with arms to the sky, and the person is also the tree, with leaves radiating from his or her head. It was designed with the intent of showing support for an individual customer's health and well-being.

The TV ads won't appear in Connecticut, because the Nutmeg State isn't one of HealthSpring's current markets. The ads will appear from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on news channels and all manner of programming in 14 states and Washington D.C., where HealthSpring currently sells Medicare plans.