Responses From Readers:

"It was a clear sunny day I was helping my wife feed her horse in Suffield before going in for overtime at 11 a.m. in the Enfield Public Safety Communications Center. While feeding the horse somebody came by and said a plane had hit the World Trade Center and I figured a small civilian plane had crashed into it by accident. I thought quickly of the logistics being encountered by the FDNY for this call as I am a firefighter too, the stable were my wife's horse is kept is in the flight path to Bradley International Airport in a matter of minutes I noticed there were no more airplanes landing or taking off and I thought that was strange. I reported to work and turned on the TV in the communications center and watched the events unfold all the while handling the day to day routine calls for service in the town, watched both towers fall and the mayhem that followed with a heavy heart and knew a lot of people had just been killed ...firefighters & civilians.  Rest of the day seemed to take forever to end and when I left at 3:00 pm I went to the firehouse to standby there and continued to watch the events until later that evening. The following days when riding the fire apparatus to calls civilians were waving/honking their horns and giving us the thumbs up all over town, we were just doing our job!"

Patrick Carifa/Enfield CT

    "I was 12 and in the 7th grade. I was in English class doing some kind of group work when my teacher was called to the door by a teacher from across the hall. They spoke for a moment and then my teacher hurried over to the TV and turned it on. He said, "There's been an emergency" and we watched things unfold on TV minutes after the first plane hit. After the second plane hit people started getting really worried. Class periods changed and I moved to art class where we watched TV while our teacher tried to get us to still focus on our art projects. When they started tracking the hijacked plane over PA on TV I started to get nervous that there were still more planes out there aiming for things. Shortly after, the school's principal announced that we weren't allowed to watch TV anymore and I didn't hear anything else about what was happening until I got home. The sky was a little gray at my house that night, and it amazed me to think the smoke was coming all the way from NYC."

Alyssia/Woodstock, CT

"I had just given birth to my son almost 3 weeks earlier and was sitting on my bed watching the news. I saw the first tower on fire and thought are they filming a movie? Is this a joke? Then I saw the second plane hit, I almost dropped my son as I felt all of my strength leave my body. My father had told me the night before that he would be in line at the towers observation deck in time for the opening at 9:00. I honestly thought that I had just witnessed my fathers' death on TV. I couldn't reach him all day and found out thankfully that he had decided that morning not to visit NYC. I will always remember that I could so have easily been among those families who have lost a loved one."

NM/Avon, CT

    "We learned of this horrible event at work....On my way home I have to pass over The Baldwin Bridge and I saw the most beautiful Rainbow.  In my mind God was taking these poor souls up to Heaven to rejoice with him.  When I got home of course no airplanes were in the sky and we had lost power, which was kind of scary.  The power came back on and we were glued to the T.V. as everyone else and mourning the deaths of all those innocent people including  two employees that worked for our company.  They were always at Cantor Fitzgerald for product support and as you know no one from Cantor Fitzerald survived.  I pray every day for the victims their families and our Country.....
God Bless America and all who live here."

Lorrie O'Reilly/Waterford, CT

"I was supervising students' work for a high school yearbook in LaJoya, Tx. Suddenly the  graphic arts teacher rushed into our work area asking to use our internet. That was the first tower attack. Then he hurried back to his classroom, set up a television set and invited our class and two others to watch. The second tower attack occurred as about 65 of us crowded together in that room. You could have heard a pin drop in the silence that followed. I know of at least two teenagers in that room who later fought in Afghanistan."

Jan Tomas/Hartford, CT

    "I remember the moment it happened, in my office in Hartford. It was an amazing beautiful day, and once the Towers were hit, I believed we were experiencing the apocalypse.  We all knew some of the victims and for months I mourned their loss.  I also believed, that life as we knew it was never going to be the same again.  I held those victims close, seemed like we were all family at that time..."

Mary Jo Lally/Granville, MA

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