59. Margin of victory vs. Washington last year — if UConn had scored one more point)

60. How old Geno Auriemma will be on March 23, 2014

61. Number of rebounds against Northeastern

62. Number of times Geno has likely been asked about the streak

63. Points at the half against Holy Cross in 2008-09.

64. Points scored by Stanford in last year's national semifinal

65. Fewest points scored in 2008-09 [at Cincinnati]

66. Fewest points scored by UConn this season [St. John's]

67. Margin of victory over Seton Hall

68. Won first 68 games in streak by average of 32.8 points

69. Points scored in first half against Northeastern this season

70. UConn's old streak from 2001-03

71. Means history