39. and 0: Two straight seasons?

40. First-place votes in Associated Press Top 25 poll

41. Worn by Kaili McLaren

42. Worn by Nykesha Sales, whose scoring record Charles broke

43. Number of threes Moore made in Big East play in 2008-09

44. UConn wins on ESPN2 since 2001-02

45. Gampel games won during Kalana Greene's career

46. Tennessee's winning streak from 1996-98

47. UConn three-pointers during 2009 NCAAs

48. Margin of victory over Louisville this season

49. Margin of victory over Richmond and Vermont in 2009-10

50. Worn by Rebecca Lobo, whose rebounding record Charles broke

51. Worn by Cassie Kerns

52. .5: UConn's FG percentage during 2009 NCAAs

53. Consecutive wins was against Cincinnati

54. Louisiana Tech's streak from 1980-82

55. Number of games it took Moore to score 1,000th point

56. Points scored by Rutgers the first time UConn beat them last season.

57. Consecutive win was at Duke

58. Points scored by Gardler in 2008-09