19. and 0: Regular season record at Gampel last two seasons

20. Worn by Renee Montgomery

21. Worn by Heather Buck

22. Worn by Meghan Gardler

23. Worn by Maya Moore

24. Margin of victory over No. 3 Notre Dame on College GameDay

25. Points Seton Hall would have scored this season — if Pirates scored one more

26. to 0: UConn's run against Northeastern

27. Number of times (out of 27) a UConn player will say records don't matter

28. UConn's All-Big East players before this season

29. Years since Geno Auriemma graduated from West Chester

30. Worn by Lorin Dixon

31. Worn by Tina Charles

32. Worn by Kalana Greene

33. Number of UConn women with 1,000 points after Kalana Greene did it

34. Worn by Kelly Faris

35. Points allowed to Northeastern on Nov. 14

36. Average victory margin in first 29 games of the season.

37. and 0: Charles, Gardler, Fernandes and McLaren at Gampel

38. Moore's points at Syracuse