A packed city council meeting turned nasty in the small community of Galesburg Monday night.

The special meeting was called to talk about the budget but turned into a war of words.

The community voiced its concerns about the current city clerk.

The council voted 5-2 to cut her hours back to 32 hours a week which means she would lose her benefits.

City Clerk Debbie Miner soon picked up her purse and papers and walked out of the meeting and said she's not coming back.

She had no comment for the media.

City council member Jim Jackson followed her and also resigned his position as well.

"I think there was a lot of pressure from the community," said Galesburg Mayor Gary Allen. He said Miner had some quirks but did her job well.

The clerk has taken some heat recently from the community and some fellow commissioners over budget miscalculations.

"The numbers were wrong we were working on one budget and our clerk was working on another budget. When you get that kind of stuff you have no place to go but downhill and make mistakes and I think this is what's happened," said city councilwoman Sheila Garret.

She says the city clerk forgot to add in $126,000 in revenues that were already there. The move caused the city to think they had a budget deficit when they really didn't.

"The money is there," said Garrett.

Galesburg Charleston Township Fire Chief Garry Heston says he got a letter from the city last week saying he had to make cuts because of the budget.

"The letter said that we had to cut 20 percent which we did and we have layoffs pending," said Chief Heston.

He informed 6 people on the on-call paid fire deparment that they could lose their jobs at the end of the month.

Mayor Allen says there was never talk of cuts.

"I think the Chief is blowing this out of proportion. There was never any 20 percent cuts" said Mayor Allen.

The good news for all involved is that the budget is healthy and no cuts will be made at this time.

"I'm estatic," said Chief Heston.

The city will be looking for replacements for the two resignations.

Susan Westin, a current city employee, has stepped in as the interim city clerk.