Wrestler Hurricane Helms at home with comic book fans at 2013 Florida Supercon

Shane “The Hurricane” Helms is one of the most influential wrestlers of recent times.

While Rey Mysterio Jr. brought the masked Lucha Libre style to the mainstream, Hurricane Helms was a pioneer of the comic-book-loving superhero wrestler.

So it was fitting when Helms appeared at Florida Supercon earlier this month. At South Florida’s largest comic book and pop culture convention, Hurricane Helms seemed to fit right in among the Deadpools, Batmans and Supermans.

During his solo panel on July 7, Helms made note of wrestlers like John Cena and CM Punk who are very open about their nerd passion. “Where were these guys back then?” he said with a laugh.

Helms said it was not the cool thing to do when he first started. However, the gimmick paid off, and he has stayed with it for more than 10 years.

Helms also spent a lot of time wrestling in Japan and brought a special wrestling move with him to America - the Shining Wizard. “I was the one who brought that to America. The Great Mutoh created it. I created a variation, but he was glad that I kept the original name,” he said.

Unfortunately, fans did not get to see the move when he wrestled in a Florida Super Championship Wrestling match on July 5.  However, they did get to see him team up with Link from the Legend of Zelda and comic book hero the Green Arrow to face Bane, the Joker and Black Adam from DC Comics.

Fans chanted 3-Count during the match and received a special treat, thanks to Helms’ comments before the convention.

 “To this day, I’ll get 3-Count chants. On Twitter, I said if you chant 3-Count, I’ll dance.” And dance he did.  

To see highlights from this match and more of his highlights from Supercon, watch the videos on Teenlink’s YouTube channel at  http://youtu.be/YctZnRw6afI, http://youtu.be/fVBQ3DsLGiIand

Helms was also kind enough to chat with South Florida Teenlink for a special Q&A.

Teenlink: What is it like behind the scenes? Is it like some super hero league where everybody bands together for the most part? Or is it more like the movie Mean Girls?

Helms: It depends on the company. Some you like, some you don’t. It’s professional.

Teenlink: Who makes your costumes?

Helms: When I was in WWF (now called WWE), they had their own seamstress. A fan in Japan offered. Now, JD Maverick makes them all.

Teenlink: If 3 Count was still around today, could Fandango join the group?

Helms: Sure, he could probably teach us how to dance. To this day, I’ll get 3-Count chants. On twitter, I said if you chant 3-Count, I’ll dance.

Teenlink: The life of a wrestler, I’ve read, is extremely difficult. What would you like to change to make it better for you guys?

Helms: If on TV full-time, I’d say more of a vacation. Give guys a couple weekends off. You get a short amount of opportunities, gotta take advantage.