George Takei at the Florida Supercon 2013

George Takei at the Florida Supercon 2013 (Jeana Lindo, Teenlink correspondent / January 7, 2013)


South Florida's largest comic book, anime, animation, video game, fantasy, sci-fi and pop culture convention is coming to Miami for four days of guest panels, celebrity appearances and adventure.

Featured guests include Kevin Smith, George Takei, members of Cupcake Burlesque, former WWE superstars Shane “The Hurricane” Helms and Raven, the cast of The Walking Dead and more.

The event also features the special 20th Anniversary Power Rangers Reunion with Walter Jones, David Yost, Richard Hortvitz, Robert Axelrod, Barbara Goodson and Jason David Frank.

A live Florida Super Championship Wrestling show is planned as well as a stand-up show featuring comedian Lisa Corrao. Eventgoers are invited to come in costume and take pictures of the cosplayers in attendance.

The Florida Supercon is Thursday through Sunday at the Miami Airport Convention Center, 711 NW 72nd Ave. Single and multi-day tickets are $25-70. Call 954-399-1330 or visit for more information.



Ming Chen to address I Sell Comics at Florida Supercon

Ming Chen went from being a fanboy to working at Kevin Smith’s Secret Stash comic  store and starring in his own podcast called “I Sell Comics!” with Michael Zapcic. He stars in the AMC show “Comic Book Men” alongside Smith, Zapcic, Walter Flanagan and Bryan Johnson.

Chen will be attending Supercon in Miami and presenting in the Comic Book Men/ I Sell Comics Podcast panel on Friday.

Teenlink: Which character from Clerks do you most resemble?

Chen: I think I probably identify with Dante. When I first saw it, it so paralleled my life. I was going to college and didn’t know what to do with my life. It was shot in the next town as my girlfriend.

If you had to live in one View Askew film for eternity, which one would it be?

Chen: I’d kind of like to live in a weird fantasy world. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It’s colorful. It’s probably the closest to a comic book.

How did it feel going from fanboy to a member of the View Askew team?

Chen: In 1996, I created the Clerks site. It was in violation of a million copyright laws. He (Kevin Smith) saw it at an Internet cafe. He sent me a menu of production things to do. It wasn’t really planned for, coming from that way. Makes you appreciate it more.

You’re the technical expert at the Secret Stash but get asked to do other things. What’s been the weirdest request?

Chen: A couple of years ago, we came off the movie “Red State.” Nobody saw it yet. Kevin called me up and asked if I had any plans for the weekend. I said “no, not really.” He asked “how would you like to take an eight hour trip to Maine?”  It was for an LA Times critic. I had to handcuff the movie to my wrist. I made sure she made no copies. Got it back and destroyed it.

"Friend, Marry, Kill" Comic Book Men Style: Walt, Michael and Bryan.