Comedian to bring 'Revenge of the Nerds' to Supercon
Lisa Corrao is a history teacher-turned-comedian. She’s been featured on Comedy Central’s South Beach Comedy Festival and has her own comedy radio talk show titled “The Jerk Show.”

She will be at Florida Supercon with her “Revenge of the Nerds” comedy show, which is playing the entire weekend.


Corrao: Definitely children. They sort of know they can get away with things. At least at a comedy club, they paid and know they can get kicked out. I can handle a heckler, I have a mic. As a teacher, my hands are tied. I can’t tell them their mom sucks.


Teenlink: Jerry Lewis said women aren’t funny. Adam Carolla has stated that women are not as funny as men.  What is your response to this? And why do you think these men have said these things?

Corrao: What they’re saying in general, I think in a way it’s true, less women try to be funny. I like to think they weren’t trying to be jerks. In Florida, there are hundreds of comedians and only a handful are women. I wish there were more.


Teenlink: As a former history teacher, which historical figure or figures do you think would have made a good comedian? For example, do you see Joan of Arc slinging jokes on the battlefield?

Corrao: Political figures are never funny. Any time they make a joke, they get accused of being insensitive. If I was being funny, I’d say Hitler. I can see him going to “Open Mic Night” at a comedy club and bombing as a comedian and choosing a different career.


Teenlink: What are you most excited to see at Supercon?

Corrao: I’m always excited to see the costumes. They’re always funny. They bring joy, there’s nothing better. It’s weird, there’s a 40-year-old dude in a Spider costume, it’s funny. Also, doing comedy shows. They appreciate it.


Teenlink: Have you ever cosplayed before? If not, who would you cosplay as and why?

Corrao: I would love to be Laura Croft but if I wore the shorts, my thighs would be rubbing together. I love the Walking Dead so zombies probably.


Quick bits

Favorite Movie: “The Thing” with Kurt Russell. One of my favorites.