South Florida's Jacob Jeffries speaks on Boom Boom 88, small hands

JJ: It's different every time, it's usually an idea. You're inspired by something that happens, whether you trip, fall, and scrape your knee or someone you love passes away, there all types of things, heavy or light. But usually you're inspired by an idea or a thought. When you get a lyric, like I told you I got the idea "when the sun goes to sleep and crazies roam the street." You just take the thought and go with it and you have to figure out how to sing that line. So you just build around that thought and build up and build out you know?

TL: What was the first show you played?

JJ: Wow, Well I think the first show, other than my elementary school talent show…

TL: Did you win that?

JJ: Well, it wasn't really a talent show. It was called a night of dreaming or a night of dreams or something like that and it was just about our gifted class and we just sang for our parents. But my first real show was either at a Starbucks or a casino. Either one is freakin' weird.

TL: Well, Starbucks is kinda cool.

JJ: Yea coffee shops are kinda cool, but I don't know. It was weird. Actually, I think my first show was at a Hard Rock Casino in Murphy's Law for a battle of the bands. I don't really remember. That was a long time ago.

TL: Can you tell me about boom boom 88?

JJ: That's a record label that I started with, specifically, with the guidance of a family member, but I've gotten involved with a lot of private investors and a lot of people that have been helping fund everything. Boom boom 88 is just my vision of doing everything on my own. I really don't know what tomorrow brings for another record label but I can tell you what tomorrow brings for my record label. So that was my idea, if I know that boom boom 88 can provide what I need right now, why go searching for the big record deal with Warner Brothers or Universal?

TL: What inspired the name?

JJ: Boom boom was a saying my dad always used to say. My father passed away a few years back and he was a character, he used to walk up to people and say "Would ya like to buy some boom booms for tha church?' and he'd say it in a funny accent. He was weird, my dad, but awesome. So boom boom was like a staple, and 88 was the year I was born, and it's also the amount of keys on a keyboard.

TL: Can you tell me about your name change?

My name change was brought on from my father. His name was Jeffrey and I basically just took his first name and made it my last. We were ready to put out my first record and I didn't want to go with my birth name which is weird and hard to say so I went with Jeffries, my dads and yea he was on my mind at the time so I went there.

TL: What's your real name?

JJ: Oh, it's weird, man. It's Groten. Kind of rough to say. Jeffries is my name from now on. JJ!

TL: What one song of yours means the most to you?

JJ: The song I'm most proud of is a song called "Over and Past" about my sister.

She's my best friend. I love her more than anything, and I felt like for a long time, that I was doing a disservice by not writing a song about her. I write songs about people I hate but I don't write a song about my sister you know? So I finally wrote a song about her and it made it to the album, which is great.

TL: What's next for the Jacob Jeffries Band?

JJ: A lot more shows. We're moving to New York City. I feel very close to New York for family reasons and for musical reason. I feel like a lot of social and musical issues, today, are stemming from New York. A lot of the avant-garde the new and I'm not saying I'm avant-garde. I'm not Andy Warhol here…

TL: But your style of music is very unique.

JJ: It's different. So why not go to the city, where everyone is trying to be different and just let someone attach themselves to you? We've done our thing here and we're not done. I love Miami and I'll be here for a while.

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