Rejuvinate Medical Spa

Jasmine Goulette, Dr. Michael O┬┐Reilly, Kelly Osborn-Ingrassia, Deborah McNamara and Nancy Woolfrey from Rejuvinate Medical Spa

1st) Rejuvenate Medical Spa

If you’ve got veins that need zapping or need hair removed from a sensitive body region, who can you turn to? For those who've already been through the process, Rejuvenate comes highly recommended. “There has never been one complaint,” says administrator Debbie McNamara. “Nothing but compliments, really. I can honestly say that too, because everyone comes to me when they’re done with their treatment.” Rejuvenate has an array of physicians, registered nurses and aestheticians with different areas of expertise. They divvy up the incoming patients so each individual gets the best possible care. RN Kelly Osborn-Ingrassia specializes in injectables (Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, etc.). Dr. Michael O’Reilly is excited about a new piece of equipment. “We just got the new Veinwave machine that removes all the little veins from most of the face. It’s the best on the market. We’ve tried the other technologies and nothing works as well as this.” In addition to having state-of-the-art equipment and a top tier staff, Rejuvenate also has more-than-competitive prices, thanks to the low overhead that comes from keeping their office away from the pricey coast. Prospective patients are encouraged to come in and mull it over with the staff before making any big decisions. “We offer free consultation, so if you’re even interested in gathering information to help your decision, then give us a call and come in,” says Jasmine Goulette, LPN. “It can’t hurt.”

4 Corporate Dr.
(203) 944-9811


2nd) Greenwich Medical Skincare & Laser Spa

1345 E. Putnam Ave.
Old Greenwich
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163 Leavenworth Rd.
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