Tichina Arnold

'Survivor's Remorse' bounces well off the comedy backboard

'Survivor's Remorse' bounces well off the comedy backboard

"Survivor's Remorse," which premieres Saturday on Starz, is a largely satisfying comedy about a young basketball player, made rich by signing to a team in Atlanta, and the extended family he transplants there, lock and stock. (The barrel is left in the old, bad neighborhood in Boston, with repercussions.)

That LeBron James is an executive producer of the series would suggest an inside look at the sports world, but in the four episodes I've seen — and the season lasts only six — phenom Cam Calloway (Jessie T. Usher) does not so much as dribble a basketball. And though the pilot takes a semi-serious tone — one might guess it was after something similar to "Ray...