Shubert Theater

Interview: Soundgarden's Chris Cornell At Shubert

Interview: Soundgarden's Chris Cornell At Shubert

When Chris Cornell gets up on stage, he’s a familiar sight.

The iconic singer, who turns 50 next year, looks practically the same as when he first fronted Soundgarden, a band that, along with Nirvana and Pearl Jam, helped put Seattle and grunge on the musical map. He’s the longhaired guy in the Temple of the Dog video for “Hunger Strike,” horsing around with Eddie Vedder, the figure out in front of three Rage Against the Machine-ers in Audioslave, the performer behind “You Know My Name,” the mid-’00s theme song for the James Bond flick “Casino Royale.” He’s a familiar property, a regular, blue-eyed American rock dude with the superhuman pipes.

But there’s something different...