Sunday Night Football (tv program)

Al Michaels, calling his 9th Super Bowl, still on top of his game

Now this is a good what-might-have-been story.

Al Michaels, preparing to call his ninth Super Bowl on Sunday, was in line to become the voice of the White Sox in 1971. In fact, if the Sox had hired him, there's a good chance Harry Caray never would have come to Chicago. Talk about altering the history of sports in this town.

Michaels' first significant play-by-play job had a Sox connection. In 1968, he broke in calling games for their Triple-A affiliate, the Hawaii Islanders.

"Say hello to Bill Melton for me if you see him," said Michaels, who covered the future Sox star.

When the Angels took over the Hawaii affiliate in 1969, Michaels became close with...