Camelot (tv program)

Dated 'Camelot' Delivers A Still Relevant Morality

Dated 'Camelot' Delivers A Still Relevant Morality

When "Camelot" was first conjured up 45 years ago, it must have felt bracingly fresh and fun-loving, even a bit saucy. It was composer Frederick Loewe and lyricist Alan Jay Lerner's follow-up to their massively successful "My Fair Lady." It starred Julie Andrews, Richard Burton and Roddy McDowall.

It was based on T.H. White's bestseller "The Once and Future King," which retold the legend of King Arthur, Queen Guenevere, Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table in a light, humorous manner that had reinvigorated these legends a hip new audience. The musical had a strong anti-war message. It also became emblematic of the hope-filled Presidency of John...