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Robert Patrick

'Ask Me Anything' answers teen questions deftly

'Ask Me Anything' answers teen questions deftly

The edgy coming-of-age tale "Ask Me Anything" begins with a snarky, bubble-gum vibe that gives way to something far deeper and meaningful. Writer-director Allison Burnett, who based the script on his 2009 novel, "Undiscovered Gyrl," masterfully immerses us into the life of a floundering teenager with often-stirring, unexpected results.

Katie Kampenfelt (Britt Robertson) is a brash, manipulative 17-year-old who decides to take a year off before going to college. To maintain at least some intellectual focus, she starts an anonymous blog in which she details her sexual exploits with her lunky boyfriend (Max Carver) and with an older, conflicted college professor...