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Pitbull's new album, 'Globalization,' continues his world push

Pitbull's new album, 'Globalization,' continues his world push

Like a bright yellow Hummer in a sea of gray Priuses, there's nothing subtle about Pitbull.

Propelled by raw talent and a whole lot of moxie, the former reggaeton artist has emerged as one of the most successful crossover stars around — selling over 5 million albums and 60 million singles worldwide — despite a seemingly bottomless collection of shiny dress shirts and bad suits. (Poor Marc Anthony.)

His eighth album, "Globalization," continues the Cuban American rapper's successful formula of mixing salsa with hip-hop, hip-hop with EDM, EDM with pop, and all of it with a cocky sense of humor and some of the worst pickup lines ever.

"She on the rebound,...