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Paul Simon

Cockeysville's John LT gets a second shot at fame as a piano man

John LT wrote the title track of his new album, Suburban Superstar, on a dare. "One of my tennis buddies said, 'I think it'd be really funny to hear what you could do with a song about a MILF,'" says LT. Soon thereafter, he had come up with a rollicking, Elton John-y piano hook and mildly pervy lyrics, delivered like a more upbeat Jeff Tweedy: "Drop top, she's so hot/ In her Mercedes." Of course, the title could also serve as a nickname for LT himself-well, half of it could. The singer-songwriter, who goes by John McLoughlin at his day job, lives in leafy Cockeysville, where he runs an electrical supply company and lives with his wife and two of...