Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert To Play Mohegan Sun

Brantley Gilbert To Play Mohegan Sun

Stoic masculinity, traditional Bible-based values, dirt roads, trucks, bonfires, furtive nighttime rendezvous with young women who are supposed to be asleep at home, and excess beer-swilling — those are some of the things that country singer and songwriter Brantley Gilbert is into.

Gilbert routinely ponders what it means to be a man, or, in his phrasing, to be a “Grown Ass Man.” He also has a song called “Bro Code.” Gilbert has a dark, slightly morbid streak, with songs about romance that tend to have overtones of unruly excess.

He’s been called a 21st century version of an outlaw country artist, like those singers in the 1970s who bucked the...