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The End (movie)

Review: 'This Is the End' a towering inferno of fun

Review: 'This Is the End' a towering inferno of fun

Judgment Day comes to Hollywood with a vengeance in "This Is the End." Jonah Hill is in bed with the devil — in James Franco's mansion. An inferno rages in the front yard, and movie star egos are filleted for fun. When the apocalyptic comedy gets deadly serious about roasting the ethos of celebrity, its satire grows white-hot.

As the devil's brigade sets the Hollywood Hills ablaze, "This Is the End" considers many burning questions. Does movie-star cred automatically put one on the A-list of the blessed? Can a little bit of last-minute goodness buy salvation? Is Franco really that effete?

In answering, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's script is scathing,...