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Ryan O'Neal

Long Wharf's 'Love Letters' Expressive, Expertly Cast

Long Wharf's 'Love Letters' Expressive, Expertly Cast

Mia Farrow can really rock a chair.

Co-starring in a play where she must read lines from pages on a desk in front of her, and where the core concept of the show is that the actors do not leave their seats and do not have any physical interactions, Farrow has a handy solution to the sedentary solitude. She points. She gestures. She strokes her gorgeous flowing hair. She touches her forehead when exasperated. She acts freely and expressively without seeming trapped.

Sitting next to her is Brian Dennehy, whose appearances at New Haven's Long Wharf Theatre over the years have all involved large pieces of furniture: the editor's desk in "The Front Page" in 1982, the hotel...