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Ryan O'Neal

Letters to Calendar: Bogdanovich is back

Letters to Calendar: Bogdanovich is back

Bogdanovich is back

How refreshing. Most people under age 50 probably have no idea who Mr. [Peter] Bogdanovich is ["'Old-Timey,' and Proud of It," Aug. 16]. What a shame. Look up and watch "Paper Moon." It goes back to 1973. It was brilliant. Ryan and Tatum O'Neal. I will definitely go see this new movie because Mr. Bogdanovich's name is attached to it.

I rarely go to the movies anymore. Most movies are one dimensional, shallow with little plot and unnecessary (literally in your face) gratuitous sex and violence. Welcome back, Mr. Bogdanovich. I hope your new endeavor is a huge success.

Greg Wilkins


In 1968, I...