Paul Rudd

New on DVD: 'Loving,' 'Trolls,' 'American Pastoral' among new DVDs

New on DVD: 'Loving,' 'Trolls,' 'American Pastoral' among new DVDs

Two good dramas and a so-so animated effort hit stores this week.

"American Pastoral" (3 stars): Hollywood has long embraced stories of war and the effect it has on those who faced it. The drama comes from either the heroic efforts in the heat of battle or the heart-tearing events that unfold when soldiers come home.

A less-common topic has been the impact war has on the homefront, especially with those who have no direct connection to the conflict. Emotions can be just as big and painful, even when not staring down the barrel of a gun.

John Romano's adaptation of the book cuts some corners, but the essence is there and is given life by the strong...