Let the Right One In (movie)

For 'Planet of the Apes' ' Matt Reeves, several boyhood connections

When he was 13, Matt Reeves began directing homemade movies with a friend. The Los Angeles teenagers would collaborate on homages to the 1970s genre cinema all around them, making shorts that for Reeves included such childhood grandiosities as "Intergalactic Battles."

Reeves' boyhood chum didn't grow up to be an accountant or an orthodontist: He's J.J. Abrams, the high-profile creator of "Alias" and "Lost," and director of the new "Star Trek" reboots and the upcoming "Star Wars" sequel (and who in "Super 8" even made a nostalgic ode to his childhood pursuits with Reeves).

In the years since the two teamed up to create...