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Kick-Ass (movie)

Suave yet with comic book energy, 'Kingsman' goes spying

"Kingsman: The Secret Service," starring a natty Colin Firth, a newbie Taron Egerton and a naughty Samuel L. Jackson, is a dry, wry sendup of the 007 world, which is itself a sly, dry sendup of the spy game.

Directed by "Kick-Ass" action specialist Matthew Vaughn with slightly more vigor than necessary and a shade less restraint than needed, it's a bit too too to be "brilliant," as the Brits say. But it's not half bad either.

Based on a comic book — isn't everything these days? — the idea spun from Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons' "The Secret Service" is as rich with possibilities as the spy genre is for spoofing. So is the bizarre...