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Josh Brolin resists 'man's man' label, but here's 'Oldboy,' 'Labor Day'

Josh Brolin is a little tired of being thought of as a "man's man" type of actor. But he scaled Mt. Shasta anyway.

The performer, who has embodied a swaggering masculinity in such movies as "No Country for Old Men" and "True Grit," says that he's growing weary of the macho tag.

"It was fun at first and then it just got to be a little too much of —" he pauses as he contemplates the right word, then settles on an "rrrrr" cave man growl.

Still, Brolin, 45, can't seem to escape the archetype. To prepare for the part of an extreme mountain climber in a new adventure film called "Everest," he's been scaling daunting...