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Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal steps into the ring in 'Southpaw'

MIAMI You could never accuse Jake Gyllenhaal of not having a strong work ethic. The word "overachiever" may come to mind when talking about the 34-year-old actor's vast career. A brief look back at his resume illustrates this man cannot and will not be typecast. He played a troubled teen in "Donnie Darko." A lovestruck cashier in "The Good Girl." A closeted cowboy in "Brokeback Mountain." A bulked-up action star in "Prince of Persia." The L.A.-born actor has no issue at all with transforming himself for a role. In 2013, Gyllenhaal lost a staggering 30 pounds to play a sleazy videographer in "Nightcrawler." Mere months later...