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Anna Chlumsky: From 'Girl' to grownup roles

Anna Chlumsky: From 'Girl' to grownup roles

Actress Anna Chlumsky fidgeted in her chair with the tenuous excitement of a girl readying to open a soda can she's just finished shaking. Her gaze and attention focused sharply on the woman seated across from her, Sheila Nix, chief of staff to Dr. Jill Biden. Nix had just been asked — in front of a University of Chicago auditorium filled with political science students and TV fans — what people in Washington think of HBO's political comedy, "Veep." On the show, Chlumsky plays Amy Brookheimer, the fictional vice president's chief of staff.

As a real-life counterpart to Brookheimer, Nix can speak with authority on whether the show is doing the capital...