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Demi Moore

Las Vegas hopes to lose its wedding bell blues

Las Vegas hopes to lose its wedding bell blues

The King did it with his Priscilla.

So did Mia Farrow and Ol' Blue Eyes; Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford; Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. Mickey Rooney did it twice, with two women.

They all got married in Las Vegas, an indulgence that has long been considered the epitome of reckless romance for both celebrities and average lovers alike. At its peak, Sin City was home to 1 out of every 20 weddings nationwide; quickie nuptials with an Elvis impersonator officiating and in helicopters hovering above the Strip.

No more. In recent years, weddings have been leaving Las Vegas.

In the last decade, the number of "I do's" has fallen like the water levels at nearby...