Mireille Enos

Mireille Enos makes the new Shondaland series 'The Catch' look good

Whatever else there is to say about "The Catch," a new series from the Shonda Rhimes machine, it stars Mireille Enos. Everything dopey or weird or undercooked or overdone about the show that premieres Thursday on ABC — giving Rhimes' "How to Get Away With Murder" a midseason break — is secondary to that happy fact.

Enos, who spent four brilliant seasons in AMC's "The Killing" as the world's saddest police detective, is an actress of great intelligence, indelible presence and zero vanity; she let herself look awful in that show, every new worry adding a line to her face. Here she plays Alice Vaughan, a high-powered private investigator with a big L.A....