Michael Bacall

'22 Jump Street' pokes its R-rated finger at everything — hilariously

"22 Jump Street" is a monument to mocking, a master class in dissing, a parody of pastiche, poking its R-rated finger at social conventions, sequels, stereotypes, football, frats, friends, drugs, sex — even its stars.

In fact, it is impossible to exaggerate how magnanimous its comic malfeasance is. This sequel's spoof of its predecessor's riff on the original 1980s-era buddy-cop TV show coalesces into a raucous, raunchy, irreverent, imperfect riot.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, as officers Jenko and Schmidt, respectively, are back for yet another capricious crime caper. Their chemistry crackles around strains in their bromance (look for an "Annie Hall"...