Mark Addy

McNamara's Picks: 'Dr. Who,' 'Atlantis,' 'Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'

McNamara's Picks: 'Dr. Who,' 'Atlantis,' 'Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'

"Dr. Who," "Dr. Who" and more "Dr. Who."  By now even those few Americans still disavowing their inner geeks and/or Anglophiles must know the British sci-fi classic "Dr. Who" is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary (yes, it debuted in Britain on the day of the Kennedy assassination, small comfort, but comfort nonetheless.) No other show has been as influential, ubiquitous and impossible to quench as the story of the lonely Time Lord wandering the galaxies in search of people and planets to save. 

Through television's niftiest narrative sleight of hand, a defining characteristic of a Time Lord, along with his two hearts, is the...