Margot Robbie

New on DVD: 'Tarzan' swings into stores; 'Ghostbusters' get slimed

New on DVD: 'Tarzan' swings into stores; 'Ghostbusters' get slimed

Heroes come in many forms in this week's new DVD offerings.

"The Legend of Tarzan"; 3 stars: The jungle king must return to his country on a rescue mission. The latest look at the vine-swinging character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs takes a more civilized approach.

Swedish hunk Alexander Skarsgard plays the title role with cinema's current reigning beauty, Margot Robbie, as his spunky Jane. The pair are the best-looking couple to hang with the animals in a beautiful jungle setting since Adam and Eve.

"The Legend of Tarzan" is not the king of jungle movies, but it is presented with such royal reverence that some people will go ape over it.